The 42 steps

2010.. sees step counting back on.

Step 21 - The 3 Peaks of Yorkshire.
Step 22 - PADI - Open Water Diver, Egypt.
Step 23 - ...

The 42 steps

A personal challenge to get to a lifetime goal - a lifetime dream.

The rules of the 42 steps are there are no rules, no sequence and no one but yourself to answer to.

Choose 42 different things to do, things you always wanted to do or even things you had no idea you wanted to do, things that really inspire and challenge you. They need to take you out of your comfort zone, they need to mean something to you and they can be done in any order, as and when you want to do them - just do them.

To date they have included climbing mountains, racing motorbikes and various physical marathon challenges. we are now only half way there step 23 in 2010 and still plenty to do.

Step 1 - Stop smoking 1999 - still dont smoke. Dont even drink now until 5oth birthday - woah - what else is left to give up?