Swan Lake - Matthew Bourne

I was very touched that my friend Meilee took me to see this now famous production of Swan Lake at the Cardiff Millenium Centre.

Everything you thought about ballet is challenged by this great work - it's fun, it's entertaining and funny, it's brilliant, huge athletic talent, world class dancing all coupled to the very best choreograpohy and the greatest design - it's a big wow.

This is not just ballet - this is a new level of live entertainment. Enjoy. I can't recommend it enough.

The Cardiff Millenium Centre was an inspiration too, it has been there since 2004 - so I was a bit late to the party - but what a great arts centre, what a great use of type - huge letters are the centres windows!

welsh millenium centre 02


Matthew Bournes Swan Lake


"Thrilling, audacious and totally original, Matthew Bourne's legendary production transforms one of ballet's best -loved stories into a stylish, witty, poignant, contemporary tale with extravagant, award-winning designs by Lez Brotherston.

Perhaps best-known for replacing the traditional female corps de ballet with a menacing male ensemble, Matthew Bourne blends dance, style, humour, spectacle, character comedy and mime to create a provocative and powerful Swan Lake for our times."