Sheffield Adventure Film Festival

It was a privilege and an honour to be asked to judge the ShAFF Sheffield Adventure Film Festival entries for 2010. No mean feat watching 40 plus outdoor and adventure films, but a great pleasure nonetheless.

Fellow judges were the distinguished and Lucy Creamer and Ian Parnell - very accomplished professional climbers at the top of their game.

Read more about the Judges results: ShAFF results

Best Film

Winner: Alone On The Wall
Directors: Pete Mortimer & Nick rosen
Judges Comment: It is unusual to capture on film any genuinely ground breaking moments in adventure. That Alone on the Wall records the limits of free solo climbing being redefined in full HD glory is even rarer. But the real triumph of this film is how the story of Alex Honnold, a gangly geek on flat land transformed to supreme soloist in the vertical world, is seamlessly told. Unobtrusive, funny and breath-taking; close to flawless film-making.

Runner Up: The Asgard Project
Judges Comment: A sumptuous film bringing gorgeous "BBC quality" HD footage back from the cold and storm's of the Canadian Arctic. The shots of the Wingsuit descents are extraordinary plus The Asgard Project has this year's best soundtrack. The chaotic story of the final ascent is perhaps the films only drawback but the judges were full of praise for the ambition of both the climbers and the film makers.

Best Climbing Film

Winner: Welsh Connections
Directors: Dave Brown & Llynwen Griffiths
Judges Comment: A lovely film showing the full range of climbing and characters that make up the Welsh climbing scene. Innumerable beautiful "human" moments breathe real life into Welsh Connections and the superb camera work is the film maker's best work to date.

Runners Up: Alone On The Wall, Single Handed, The Asgard Project & To The Rainbow

Best Non-Climbing Film

Winner: Mount Saint Elias
Director: Gerald Salmina
Judges Comment: Beautiful visuals alongside some real nitty gritty moments of drama. One of the film's attractions is that the toll this extreme adventure takes on the different protagonists isn't shied away from. Great soundtrack too.

Runners Up: Surfing 50 States & Take A Seat

Best Adrenaline Film

Winner: Revolution 1
Director: Dan Heaton
Judges Comment: A relatively under-exposed adrenaline sport, some of the major players on top form, top quality camerawork and great editing make this a perfect Adrenaline film.

Runners Up: Africa Revolutions Tour & White Noise

Best Short Film

Winner: Uruca
Director: Erick Gregorovski
Judges Comment: Won over all three judges with its brilliant voiceover, full of life and humour.

Runners Up: Art, Take My Strong Hand & The Cable Car

Best Spirit Of Adventure Film

Winner: Birdman Of The Karakoram
Director: Alun Hughes
Judges Comment: A great film showcasing a unique character at the top of his game. Moments of real drama alongside a lovely insight into the local people and culture.

Runners Up: Samsara & Surfing The 50 States

Best ShAFF On The Edge Film

Winner: Signatures
Director: Nick Waggoner

Runners Up: Coast To Coast & Mustang - A Journey Of Transformation