Planet Power

The fastest superbike on the road is not going to save anything except a whipping in a head to head with another super bike.

The BMW S1000RR is a new generation of high tech, superbikes. Unbelievable power, control and handling.

For somebody whose idea of paradise is an English Flower meadow and a decent camera, racing motorcyles has always been a contradiction and felt a little strange. That is until you are are sat on them with the keys turned to the on position. The engine fires up and then you are an...

Adrenalin Junkie

This bike is worthy of a full write up...

It's not that the Motorcycle shop doesn't trust me - it's not that I am dangerous or irresponsible but after twenty years of borrowing motorbikes for a ride - I have a somewhat blemished reputation. It's not surprising when you consider that I have either crashed, damaged or worse - had them stolen with a faultless regularity ever since the eighties.

So getting hold of an S1000RR was a little bit more of a challenge. The word NO was only as regular as the response as uncontrollable laughter from Shaun when I kept asking for a go. So imagine the excitement when on a hot Summers afternoon Dave and Ian said yes.

Not a disappointment

BMW SS1000RR Superbike 2010


BMW SS1000RR Superbike 02 2010

Most of what happened on the loan should be kept quiet as it was either illegal or unbelievable.

It's probably wisest to merely state that this bike is quicker than is legal in this country and that 165mph on a country lane is jolly easy to achieve in 'race-mode'. [allegedly].

Test riding the fastest bike in the world or any other fast bike is a buzz. Most times it is pretty scary when you aren't used to regularly racing at speed or doing regular track time - but this bike wasn't scary it was just quick - very very quick and very very predictable, manageable and exciting to ride.

It was a technological masterpiece - electronic controls for everything, slip clutches, electronic gear changes and a wizard assortment of everything found on the world's Grand Prix circuits. That is because it is a World Superbike on the road - race ready !

Thanks Rainbow - I want one - but the flower meadow's are calling this month, so maybe next?