Keep your mind open and your heart warm

Keep your mind open and your heart warm (Golden heart)

Keep your eyes open and feed your heart
the fuel of love. Every day.
The oxygen of life’s activities wish to still
her back to the earth and you must know.
The riches that make her warm, that make her glow.

Be close to those that wish her well.
Golden beats, every one, are rare
in the atmosphere of blue.
Radiance and aura emanate with a holy show
as those who feed and feel her know.

Steadily she will beat her rhythm
timeless but always affected.
Distance shows no respect only journey times.
And danger threatens to draw the treasured colour
from her beating chest as every second chimes.

Feel it all,
but find strength in knowing that she is there.
Quick fleeting moments…
worn on a universal sleeve
shared beats open for all the world to grieve.
Keep you mind open and your heart full.

She only knows one colour
and that is the colour of unconscious union.
We share all the worlds thought,
Stopped moments of time.
Coloured gold by anothers warmth or even mine.

Si Homfray 07-12-2009
6am Mon am - Last night on the office floor
Prior to emptying the Grindleford House, prior to embarking on a new life.