Neil Petford - an obituary

My very close dear friend Neil died in a blaze of glory on the 23rd July 2008.

He was riding his motorcycle at over 130m.p.h on a quiet road near his house.

We buried him on the day of his intended wedding to Jo.

He leaves his family and his lovely Mum behind as well as a host of loving and very very loyal friends.


Neil Petford and Sophie Petford



Oh mate!
Neil mate.
We all knew this would happen someday.
You could have waited !
You daft b*****d.

To live your life in a blaze of glory,
to shine as the brightest star,
to love with the greatest warmth,
and father as the most brilliant dad.

A meteor that came into our lives
and shot right on through to…
Heaven alone
knows where.

We know we were loved by you,
we know we loved you.
We know you are up there laughing,
we can hear your giggles.

Nothing was ever too much trouble,
everything was possible,
the way was always clear,
and the job always got done.

So many memories, so much fun.
A man of so many lives
all lived to the full, no compromise
…just lived.

Milkman to policeman,
bodybuilder to bodyguard,
chimney sweep to fighter
and bike champion to
champion father, friend and family man.

Fast and slow, but mainly fast,
Happy and sad, but mainly happy,
Rich and poor, but always rich,
wealthy on a life lived to the edge.

The good, they say, die young.
We say your shooting star will never die,
you will soar in the hearts of those
you cared for…
for ever.


Si Homfray - Saturday 02-08-2008