Twenty thousand miles...

And as the wind…

Twenty thousand miles after she set out
She stopped. Dead in her tracks.
and dropped her precious cargo of silicon grain
on an unsuspecting door – the entrance to a new land.

Woven, twisting golden strands of glass light
Driven across Saharan plain through rift,
Soaring over volcanic crest, jungle canopy and
Over a million migrating wildebeest to deliver.

Mystery, magical dancing enlightenment
That rarest of things, thought provoking
Choking, dazzling, travelling through continental
Landscape as time herself with no boundary

Flying, turning, crashing across oceans
Into lands, into cliff, into mans pitiful temple
Of city, of structure, of scratching attempt
To calm her force, flow with her infinity.

Nothing remained untouched and the
Whole world was driven by the relentless
Self healing power of her lunar zeal.
A universal wave to mother earth’s spin.

Grains of sand lifted over a million lives
Fly unhindered as the first children
Must have played in African cave and
Tag their mark with simple gesture

Infinite journeys, countless rings
Around earths great equator find
A million sparkling eyes light up
To a mornings wind risen of African sand.


Si Homfray