You can have bravery without courage but you cannot have courage without bravery.

These two words belong together.

'Bravery is going into the fire to rescue the children, but it is courage that is the added bravery in the knowledge of certain injury.'

Our peers, our parents and our friends will make us brave. Maybe even the television or something we have read, but we are mostly born courageous and it is a rare learnt thing.

The greatest courage of all

When you have seen life, you have seen bravery,
When you have seen woman run across a road to stop a child walk into it,
When you have seen the silence that comes after abuse and
When you have seen a birth, you have seen bravery.

When you have heard the moorland bird cry out in warning,
When you have heard the anguish of a parents personal loss,
When you have heard the scream of a broken heart and
When you have heard silence, you have heard bravery.

To silently say nothing, when there is no place left to go.
To enduringly feel the twisted pains of frustration.
To feel the pain of inflicted wound and know
that you cannot, and will not, retaliate .

This is more than bravery.

This is the start of a life of courage
This is the makings of man,
The beginnings of great civilisation.
This is courage – this is life.

Si Homfray