Aquarian coolly composed

Aquarian coolly composed lady,
Elegant aloof in heels and black.
Why do you think so far,
that it freezes the glacier of your life?

Black ice, white snow
Are the colours of your minds decision.
All shades in between fill your heart
and fill your house.

So why not move.
Why not unleash the palette of the garden,
the shades of your swiftly beating heart
and release.

Were bravery a thing to give,
were hesitation a mountain.
That could be easily moved
compared to the chasms of inner thought.

If desire is the covert force
or were romance and travel the missing magic,
then so be it.
I shall not woo.

But, dear soul
Ours is never started,
And I fear never will,
For reasons of doubt or detail.

Be that mountain force
Be the colour you are.
Just one gesture,
Just one grace. and then…

The hidden flora from the ice will flower,
as it were its first flowering.
The very age of Aquarius will melt and thaw
to reveal a new spring.

Where time and melted hearts
Move more freely,
flowing with the driven river
to great estuaries of sunset and wine.

Sunday 30th October : 1:00 am