I remember you:

To D

I remember you

Toweringly cocksure, all flamboyant and knitted into your shit brown baggy jumper.
Exuberating the prospect of youth and dreams to dare to be born.
David Bowie, Lou Reed and Winnie the Pooh an eclectic orgy of unfelt tastes.
Dr Zhivago in Cowboy boots and crumpled baggy pants –
Unashamedly heroic, frontiersman with a pharmacological hidden text,
Red painted bedsits gave away their carefully woven secrets in a single breath
So much living mess and disorder misled belief
that incense was the reincarnation of disciplined study and diligence.

Hash headiness held back the waves of euphoric examination turbulence
to reveal smart examination successes before the walls of the big party crashed.
But imagery and memory fade, experience and achievement dissolve
As the pills of bitter life and nectared ecstacy of love becomes discovered solution
Such infinitessimely diluted solutions are as improbable as the outcome 20 years on.

No Hippocratic dictate drove you to give
No conscious absolution found relief in sharing this
The most precious of gifts
At a time when manhood flowered, when all was discovery
I remember,
You gave me my smile.