The pursuit of Pete the Parrot

Diary entry

20/04/03 Easter Sunday, Ashton Court, Bristol – Si , Max & Ruthie

The pursuit of Pete the Parrot

Pete was stuffed
And that was all that mattered
Measuring in at 4” his real size
Was somewhat more important
He was a matter of great consequence

So much so in fact that it took
4 perilous miles of driving, one of running
across Spring fields and 35 impassioned
whining phrases of ‘please’ to secure his
release from his previous shelf life of innocent coloured toy.

Why Pete was so important remained a mystery. Upon interrogation of
‘his desperation to spend pocket money’ we were none the wiser.
‘I want to sleep with him’ remained as unconvincing to us as it was
Loose justification to its utterer.

More important than a lifetime of pocket money,
more necessary and required than all the toys for the next 10 years
-    Pete was secured for a Poultry deal.
£2 bought his freedom, £2 bought peace and quiet,
£2 was a small price to seize the day.

Si Homfray