Great Uncle David

Great Uncle David.

On the crazy Whirlitzer of life there are few things we can take for solid ground.
So many spinning minds, so much blur we are left struggling to vision what’s real from what’s fairy lights.
Great Uncle David was no fairy!
He was a real light - his humour, his kindness, his pure unabashed affection illuminated our youth.

We’ll all miss his mischievous sense of fun, his laughter, his bonhomie. He helped write our books, he opened our first pages along with our own parents.
His curly whirly beard, his tickling whiskers teased and animated us with a silvery lightness as if drawn from some lined cloud, perhaps even some higher place.  Real fab memories, real chuckles and Ho Ho Ho - He acted and enchanting us with his mystical Santa Claus at Christmas.
Hey! He was Father Christmas.

Prancing ponies come and go, Dodgems crash around us, but it takes constant goodness to make us great in the giant fun fair.
Uncle David took us there - he was real - hugely, lovingly, charismaticaly larger than life itself real.  
And if it takes such goodness to be great then our Uncle David was indeed great.


Uncle David died on Valentine’s Day 2003