fathers pride

father's pride

A picture of joy, pure joy
overwhelms me with its fresh unashamed happiness.

I am driven to call to a higher force that he may stay this way for ever.
That that smile will always smile that smile,
that that hair will remain as touchingly wet as the day that he leaped through the lawn sprinkler.

My eyes moisten as they are cast to the smallness of his chest,
They well up with fear for a future where he will develop muscles and attitude.

I can see me in him now, I can see the clouds - but I am a dad
And it is dad's job to keep that smile smiling,
to keep those summers days as colourful, as new and as fresh
as the ecstasy that first day I saw him with friends.

Please forgive me son for being sad, forgive me for crying, forgive me if I crack from time to time - I am human and it's my job.

SH 6/9/02