Living Art

the Living Art Mission...

working together

to create giant themed works from collaborations of professional artists, aspiring artists and the public all with one common aim... to promote the beauty of nature.

putting big ideas into action

All Living Art projects will be original, innovative and utilise the latest technologies where appropriate. They will aim to educate, inform and entertain.

driven by you

Living Art’s success is driven by publicity, so at all levels, anything you can do to make others aware of projects will help make them a success. However small the  individual contribution, it will power the venture forward.

building a future

Living Art is on a mission to ultimately create an Arts foundation for the Environment. We aim to do this by building and directing national touring exhibitions.

creating a new spirit

We strive to work with other people of like mind in a spirit of goodwill. As a fledgling organisation Living Art appreciates all the support it can get and puts its gratitude straight back into its work to create an even greater good.

not for profit

Where possible Living Art will aim to raise funds for associated and like-minded causes. Living Art is a not-for-profit organisation, set up to promote the beauty of nature.

Why Living Art came to be...

Living Art arose from the desire of its founder, Si Homfray, to bring together artists and art forms to promote the natural beauty of the UK and the rest of the world, and in doing so, help in the protection of the natural world.

It was important to Si that this was done with an entertaining and informative way. Hence, an original approach to presenting nature in its every guise. Learn more of the Living Art Journey. 

And how...

Living Art has primarily received financial support from our commercial operation, Hammer Design. However, we have been fortunate to also receive some sponsorship from various organisations, and help from supporting professional artists.

We are always looking, and always welcome to, help and have professional sponsorship packages for those who are interested. If you'd like further details please call us on 01433 650555 or email

Thank you for your interest in Living Art.


creating ever new, exciting and original ways to see the natural world.