Cartism - a new movement

Cartism is a new arts movement which focuses on the digital arts. It is a shortened word derived from its full title 'cartological expressionism'. The brain child of Si Homfray,

Founded in 2005, Si Homfray led the movement with his arts piece Heath and Heaven, an aerial portrait of the Peak District National Park, closely followed by a commissioned work for the Lake District National Park Authority in 2007 - Rugged Reflections.

These larger works incorporate personal visions of UK National Parks in words and pictures and highlight the importance of National Parks and natural spaces as a means of restoring the balance of 'materialy driven' stress focussed modern lifestyles.

These works have been punctuated by many smaller pieces, largely photographic, where Si explores building digital pieces from multiple viewpoints of natural texture and adventure travel work. Each piece freezes a moment geographically or spiritually and derives itself from personalities who cross his path.

Om Mane Padme Om was written for Si's sailing mentor Derek who was diagnosed with a blood cancer and needed a boost. A photo journey to Everest recorded all the prayer wheels and the spirituality of the Nepal Khumbu fused to a powerful desire to believe in a new conciousness of heart - this then found itself represented in the final piece.

Cartism's central theme is to communicate existential balance through the seductive forces of nature.

Cartism in Si Homfray's words is 'the place where personal beliefs can be expressed as they mature in such a way as to warm the hearts of others in a world where hearts are cooling and people are becoming fundamentally removed from any engagement with the natural world.'

He goes on to say...

'...we all know its about love, we all know that we need to give more, but finding practical ways to express this is becoming ever more frustrating in an increasingly detached and cynical world...'

Si Homfray teaches how to merge digital photographic journalism with mapping the world through multiple viewpoints. He would love to spend more time teaching 'the love within'... but will settle for utilising cartism as his outlet.

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