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Mar 10th 2015 Taking a break from the Road of Many Colours

I  had to stop running half way across Turkey for many reasons.

Some are obvious but all are very frustrating for me.

In no particular order:
• I had to come home to raise more funds to continue.
• I felt there were many lose ends at home like Meilee and I sorting out our divorce. Probably the most amicable divorce in history.
• Moving house. The house on the farm was proving too expensive for her to stay alone in.
• I really wanted to see Max and chat to him about how he was doing, mostly to congratulate him as he has now outgrown his father at 17.
• I felt that it would really help if I spent time with Mum and Dad who was deteriorating with his Alzheimer's and time was moving on fast.
• I really needed to sit down with a computer and come up with some brainwave idea to raise funds for Alzheimer's Society and myself to pay for what is the most expensive mountain in the world.

So I've been at home investing all my time in family and writing bringing some great ideas to life. Working with some superb people like Jane and Gillian on making the UK the most Accessible place in the world.

I can't wait to show people the big idea, but the launch isn't until April 1st. It's a really special idea and a lovely concept that we can all learn from, and most importantly it spreads some love.

Current status:
• Optimistic
• Full of joy for life again, feeling so lucky to still be on my adventure
• Peniless
• Homeless
• Wifeless
• ... but not hopeless !

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