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Sep 17th 2011 Now - Climbing in Chamonix


(3,500m above the town of Chamonix).

Sharp edges of ridge,
scythe the quiet rest
of the sleeping mind,
cutting deep into conscious now.

Clouds all gone.
Blue sky and soaring
temperatures and parapente,
glide and dazzle

Red granite blocks,
chatter and ease,
the feet and hands
of the trepidous while...

The firm minds and
tanned skin of the seasoned,
stroke and pinch,
block and boulder.

Unlocked mind is
released into physicality.
Dizzy head clarifies
as legs earth.

There are great drops
hidden only by
endorphin and ectascy.
An endless euphoria.

Dreamlike trance of
altitude thin air,
writes experience
onto the mind.

As body dances
ridge and gendarme,
Air and lungs thin
as heart fills full.

The story ends in
cable car station.
A stilled mind settled.
Once again 'not now'
amongst the ironmongery.

 Si Homfray

For Dave Hollinger, James Thacker and Alison Culshaw.
17th September 2011
Chamonix, France.

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