Why write such a website

Why write such a website...

Arguably a very pompous thing to do - so here's a quick reasoning  :  )

Extended CV:

Anybody wanting to know more can dig around and get a more balanced picture rather than the snapshot CV or focussed business I am involved with.

A justification:

Family and friends can provide a defence for strange and otherwise unfathomable behaviour.

A Diary:

I just needed somewhere to keep all my ramblings, reviews and notes. It's a small start but could end up being fun as live gets even richer.


Other homfrays can find a place to store geneological information on our 7 lettered encumbrance of a surname and hopefully find something more out about their heritage. If you would like to help get the ball rolling please feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from you.

Business Tool:

Network, network, network - the three keywords of positioning a website based business. So no apologies for all the pages and all the referring links you might find on homfray.co.uk