Si Homfray has been a motorcyclist since he left home and spent his first grant cheque, all of it, on a motorcycle. Passion is a fairly low key word when it comes to Si's commitment to two wheeled motorised transport. Love would probably be an understatement too.

Si has always had a bike, and life without one wouldn't be worth living. This he knows to be true but there is a hypocrisy with his views on materialism!

List of motorbikes owned:

BMW K1200 GT xx - Silver Grey - Coded panniers and box
BMW GS1150 Adventure - Silver - Ewan Macgregor/Charlie Boorman. - 3 years - joyous riding.
BMW K1200 S - Yellow and Grey Chequerboard - 3 months - huge death potential 170hp + - sold as sensible decision to stay alive.
BMW GS1150 - Yellow - Touratec Panniers - solid - 2 years
BMW K1200S - Red - Black Panniers - Sold - no accidents -  OK! - year or two.
BMW K1200S - Yellow Chequerboard - Four cyl - blew up on M1 - 3-4 months
Honda 185 Off roader
BMW K1200S - Yellow Chequerboard - Four cyl - owned from new - business forced sale - kept 4 years
Yamaha RD250 - Race Bike
Yamaha RD350 - Powervalve - Race Bike
Honda Fireblade - Burgundy Black and Silver grey
BMW R1100 RS - twin - Pearl White and Teal Blue trim - Black Panniers -bought from 'filofax'
BMW K1 Red
BMW K1 Blue/Yellow
BMW K100 16V White Pearl - Black Panniers
BMW K100 8V White Pearl - Black Panniers
BMW K100 8V Red - Large fairing -
BMW K75S - Black - A beautifully smooth triple BMW - smooth like a v6 car - a really easy to ride predictable bike. Pannier blew off with climbing Kit whichj still looking for 20 years on! Sad git.
Yamaha FJ1200 - Long wheel based comfort tourer - beautiful solid bike that caused many speeding tickets up and down the A1 and driving to Chamonix on the Route de Soleil.
Kawasaki GPZ900RR - Original Top Gun 1980's Red and Black- Q Plate.
Triumph Bonneville 750 - Original - Handlebars on rubber mount.
Honda CX500 Plastic Pig  V Twin - Shape - no additional rollerskates to sides.
Honda CB750
Honda CB900 - straight 4 cyl
Yamaha XS 750 - Black triple - smooth - crashed and died
Honda CB250 - Superdream - for a very short period - very short :  )
Yamaha RD250 Aircooled - Crashed and died at least nine lives - rebuilt at roadside on many many occassions.
Honda CB125 - single - worked a dream.
Honda CB125 - never worked after crashed into plant pot and wall with brother on inaugural ride!


Cars and vans

VW Transporter T5 2.5 tdi 130 bhp Silver - Windows - Alloys
VW Transporter T4 2.5 tdi Windows Van - Red Windows -  Alloys
Triumph Herald Convertable
VW Transporter T4 2.5 tdi Van - Freisan Green- Alloys
Rover Black - Irish Plate
Mercedes SLK 230 - Original launch model - Blue Balck Metallic
BMW 318i Coupe Silver
Ford Escort Van White - broken doors meant had to climb though windows to get into passenger seat.
Golf Gti Black 16V - Stolen from Jesmond Newcastle.
Peugeot Estate Silver 308tdi
Ford Transit Luton Large Panel Van - White Futon Workshop
Ford Transit Diesel Large Panel Van - White Futon Workshop
Ford Transit Diesel Van - White Futon Workshop
TVR - Red - 380i - 2.8l on an F-plate - catastrophic number of breakdowns and pathetic minor problems, like exhaust would fall off - bought from new.
VW Transporter T3 - Air cooled - White Futon Workshop
Ford Escort - Light Metallic Blue
Golf Gti Black
Peugeot 205 1.6Gti Black Alloys - Sports trim - died after jumping bridge at Chatsworth - stolen in Newcastle city centre.
Peugeot 205 Turbo Diesel Hot hatch
Ford Escort - Red?
Ford Escort Van - Blue - VET xxx S - many happy travels in her. Died in flames near Redmires Reservoir, Sheffield mid winter.
Triumph Spitfire - Red - 15 miles before blew up.
Mini - Gold - Sold for Nepal ticket
Morris Traveller - Died going through red lights - hit Police Car on bald tires - seats not attached to floor and speedo broken.
Triumph Herald - Died after personlisation of solid removeable roof that wasnt designed to be removed blew off at 50mph. Chassis snapped.
Mini Metro
Fiat 126 - Yellow 600cc dynamo propulsion system that took multiple teenagers to the crag for many years.