Diagram Ltd and Imagine Ltd

Diagram Marketing Ltd      

March 93 – Aug 98                                                         

Principle Role: 

Sales, client handling, computer based graphics production, studio and project management.               

Principle responsibilities:

Full control over all aspects of the business from purchasing to finance.
The basic aim of Diagram was to offer full marketing support, consultancy and media production that could be, expected of a full sized in – house marketing department out- of - house.

Diagram was set up to provide as many productions services under one roof as possible and invested in machinery as diverse as vinyl letter cutting CAD computer plotters to 60” wide inkjet printers. All this is in addition to a full graphics studio of the essential and ubiquitous Apple Macintosh hardware, Laser printers etc.


Achieved organic company growth for five years, doubling sales on a previous year whilst establishing core trained staff.

Designed and wrote a PC CD ROM for the Ford Motor Co on road safety with Zoe Ball Jan 96

Launched a new Silicon Graphics based large format colour printing business as 'Imagine' Sign & Exhibition Feb 96 

Exhibition Graphics for ECTS Olympia (Major display @ 320sqm) Mar 96




Design: Graphic design for advertising brochures, flyers, stationary, exhibitions, posters, packaging
corporate id
Other design skills in multi media design, web services and furniture design.
Print technology: Working knowledge of: image setters, plate marking, litho printing, screen printing, large format printing.
Colour technology: Colour science for print proofing for final output.
Marketing:  General and extensive practical working knowledge of the various marketing disciplines assimilated
From hands on experience, basic courses & initial training to institute level.
Advertising: Practical awareness of most modern technique up to full campaign and co-ordination.
Photography: Comprehensive knowledge of photography work in and out of studio, digital photography, portrait, Product and landscape.
Other Skills:  Video, Sign manufacture: Design and build, vinyl cutting, large format colour printing.

Management skills: Full working knowledge of all aspects of recruiting, personnel management, motivation, discipline, hiring and firing for a small business. Experience included the creation of a middle management layer, unique reporting systems bonus. 
Computer operator skills:
Mac /PC software: Design/drawing/painting/page layout: QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Streamline, Painter, PageMaker, Multimedia: Macromedia Director, 3D:Infini D, Adobe Dimensions, Business WP/DB: Microsoft Excel, Works, Claris Works, File maker Pro, Astra DT accounting. Web: Pagemill, Web weaver, also video editing, cutline, and several dozen others.
Hardware knowledge: Apple Mac: 8 year working knowledge of Apple systems, infra structure and technology. Silicon Graphics: 1 year on Unix workstation. Assorted printers: Large format printers, Novajet, Canon laser CLC.