Aims and aspirations

This page is really about letting anyone who wants to find out what is making us tick into an honest insight into personal drives and motivations and where they differ from the mundane and perennially thoughtless grey nonsense that is modern consumer based life of the what is riseably called the 'civilised world'.

All good stuff - but smashing the soap box of self righteous idignation into a million bits - let's put egos and personal ambition aside to celebrate the endeavours and marvels of some real heroes out there...

People admired:

Ellen McArthur - If you have taken the time to read her book(s) - you'll almost certainly understand this one. 'a donf'.

Ernest Shackleton - A role model for leadership as one who, in extreme circumstances, kept his team together to accomplish an incredible survival story

Satish Kumar - Earth Pilgrim - Walked with nothing from India to Washington in protest at the nuclear weapons race.

Rosie Swale Pope - Ran round the world in 5 years.